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Welcome to "Apihost" service, providing a wide range of services: from simple shared hosting to dedicated servers, just not very popular to most famous TLDs included in the top sales! "IPhoster", primarily focuses on the affordability of their prices, high quality and a wide range of services. All issues "Apihost" is able to solve quickly and productively. As they say, it would wish, and we have it! Because the youth service is, first and foremost, passion, vitality, activity, desire to grow, improve and direct interest in the quality of service was at the highest level. To make sure the latter is easy. Each our client has the ability to monitor compliance of the stipulated support conditions as well as monitor statistics (access to outdoors). In addition, our service pays great attention to issues such as security. We only work directly with service providers – any second, third, fifth, tenth! And we have a policy of using only the latest equipment and software. At a high quality level of service cost of services "Apihost" is available. Moreover, affordability is not the only way to save when you order our services. "Apihost" constantly offers a variety of events! For example, paying for a server rental for a month, the second month You can use it for free

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Provider Location Monthly Annually RAM *Mb Disk *Gb Virtualization Core x MHz IPv4 IPv6 Traffic @mbps
IPhoster $5.95 €5.33 $71.4 €63.96 512 m 10 g SATA+SAS OpenVZ 1 x 1000 IPv4 IPv6 500 @500
IPhoster $7.95 €7.12 $95.4 €85.44 768 m 20 g SATA+SAS OpenVZ 1 x 1500 IPv4 IPv6 700 @500
IPhoster $14.95 €13.39 $179.4 €160.68 1024 m 30 g SATA+SAS OpenVZ 1 x 2000 IPv4 IPv6 1000 @500
IPhoster $18.95 €16.97 $227.4 €203.64 1536 m 45 g SATA+SAS OpenVZ 1 x 2500 IPv4 IPv6 1200 @500
IPhoster $25.95 €23.24 $311.4 €278.88 2048 m 70 g SATA+SAS OpenVZ 1 x 3000 IPv4 IPv6 1500 @500